Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Favorite Girls

It's hard to express just how much these girls mean to me. They are my life raft. Especially when I feel the most disconnected and so far away. They help me keep perspective. They buoy me up - but, they are honest and pure. They let me be me - but, a more inspired and better me. And . . . so importantly . . . they make me laugh . . . constantly. I miss you. I love you.

Now . . . to be fair . . . I just bought my super cute little 'purse camera' mid-week. So, I have zero pictures from Becky's - which, sadly, is nothing new. We have the fewest pictures together - even after 5 years of spending time together almost daily! We are either going to have to train our kids to become photographers (and Autumn and even Gavin are well on their way) or our hubbies are going to have to become more inspired. How rare and amazing to have four people (including Jeff and Aaron, of course) all bonded by such a strong friendship. I can talk to Aaron on the phone just as easily as I can talk to Becky. Jeff and Becky used to hang out during the day and take all of the kids to the park. And, Jeff and Aaron are both giddy about their 'boys trip" (Jeff just announced today that it is in 13 days!).

Not one picture from hanging out with Shantelle or Julie. Not one from a great visit to meet little Lincoln, Sherry and Jory's sweet little baby (although Sher has posted the most amazing photos of him on her blog). Love this family and am so happy for them! And, not a one from an awesome night out with all the girls in Heber at my very favorite Mexican restaurant. Grrrr . . .

On the other hand, let me introduce you to three girls that never miss bringing a camera when we hit the town. We were on our best behavior in this picture. One day I will create a collage of all of our many girls night outs . . . the robot, the make-up stand, crawling on the floor, shoving our faces with chocolate. We can talk about anything . . . and we do. Seriously, I think these two could be models and stand-up comedians. They could make a root canal fun. Don't let their hotness fool you. They don't have a snobby judgmental bone in their bodies.

And, Krissie . . . I love this amazing woman more and more. I love that when the four of us are together, we can hang out til the wee hours of the morning and stay perfectly entertained. I love how comfortable we are all together - from the very first time we met. We missed Jeff . . . but, Krissie, Scott and I make a great trio. Krissie will surprise you - and always in a good way. Amazing mom, amazing wife . . . an incredible friend. French toast will never be boring again because of Krissie . . . but, I will never share why . . . (wink wink)

I've lived in so many places and have amazing friends peppered all over. But, Utah is home. And . . . for all of those people with preconceived notions about people that live in Utah . . . you should meet MY friends.

How did I get so lucky?


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  2. My dear sweet, chocolate dipped Karen. How I love thee. Your post is very cute & sweet. It was SOOOOO great to see you and I had such a great time. You my friend are a fabulous friend. Love you!

  3. this post. You are such a sweetheart, I miss you and it was so fun seeing you. Can't wait til our trip out you!

  4. Oh Karen. I just love you. :)