Saturday, February 18, 2012

A little of this and that . . .

It's amazing what you find when you download photos from a not-often-used camera.

Gavin had his own 'first day of school' celebration this year (September 2011) complete with Jello jigglers to celebrate his first day of preschool.  He was definitely excited.

Later in September, Autumn participated in a little cheerleader camp.  She performed during the halftime show at the high school football game.  She practiced every day and loved showing off her moves.

The night of the game was rainy and wet.  I love how she was one of the only girls that modified the dance so that she didn't have to lay on the cold, wet ground.  And, even when she gets knocked over . . . she immediately wipes her hand off.  But, she also has a nice high kick at the end.  The rain didn't dampen her spirits!

And, last but not least . . . this cute picture doesn't need much commentary.  What's not to love about that crinkly smiley face.

Friday, February 17, 2012

We Love Valentine's Day!

We do love Valentine's Day around our house.  We start after Autumn's birthday with our 'Heart Attack' tradition.  We fill a bowl on the kitchen table with little paper hearts and encourage everyone to write what they love about each other each night after dinner and then stick them on the window.  

Gavin's hearts inevitably came back to loving us because of something to do with his four-wheeler - having it or riding it together.  Autumn said one of the reasons she loved me is because I have a big, round belly like Santa Claus.  It's just what I want to hear! (*wink wink*).  We all confirmed that we love Gage for his cuddles and laugh.

On Valentine's Day we have a scavenger hunt.  Somehow this is one of the holiday traditions that has really stuck with the kids.  They remember it each year, which makes me so happy.  On their fourteenth clue, they find their surprise.

We found these cute, cuddly bears a few weeks ago . . . and couldn't wait to give them to the kids.  We have been working with them a lot (especially Autumn) on being grateful.  Because, I'll admit . . . last year's scavenger hunt ended a little rough.  She was not satisfied with her 2010 surprise.  And, we were very unhappy with her response.  Needless to say . . . the bears were an enormous hit and she gave immediate hugs to Jeff and I, along with a sincere 'thank you.'  

Gavin immediately named his bear 'Brownie' (after confirming that that was indeed a boy name) and, so far, Autumn's pink bear has been named 'Cuddles', 'Cutie' and 'Hugs.'

 This year's Valentine's dinner consisted of eggs and pink pancakes and then chocolate fondue.

And, of course . . . my sweet husband surprised me with flowers from the kids - plus drove an hour each way to pick up a present that I'd been wanting for months.

After Jeff and I put the kids to bed, we had our own stay-at-home Valentine's date.  I'll keep those details to myself.   :)

We definitely have a lot of love at our house.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


It finally, finally snowed in Heber enough to let the kids break out their power toys in the yard.  At this point, I know most everyone else is hoping to make it through a whole winter without snow.  

Maybe it's because I'm from Virginia . . . but, I never tire of the snow.  Plus, I feel like cold weather warrants snow.  It's kind of pointless without it (although I don't mind hot chocolate with or without its snowy companion).

And, I was lucky enough to find a man that shares my fascination for winter.  We joke that we will be the opposite of all the traditional Snow Birds.  When we retire, we will tuck ourselves away in a snowy cabin all winter and then fly to another cold location during the hot, dry months of Utah summer.  Just as I feel that cold weather needs snow . . . in my book, hot weather needs water . . . preferably ocean water.  

Apparently our children have all inherited our love of snow . . . including little Gage.

These short little videos show the progression of the morning.  The last one is obviously my favorite.


I walked outside to film Autumn dragging Jeff and Gavin behind her snowmobile on a sled.  Since I left the door cracked, Gage snuck out as he usually does when he sees an opportunity to escape.  I love how he points to the rest of the family riding around.


Gage was so excited that I quickly bundled him up
 in snow gear and passed him off to Jeff so that he could get a little taste of the winter fun.  Autumn and Gage rode in the sled behind the four-wheeler.  Gavin is on the back seat.

And finally:

Jeff only kept Gage out for a few minutes, fearing he'd get too cold.  So, I brought him in, unbundled him, hung up his snowsuit and came back to this . . . a poor little left out baby.  Man, I love this kid.

Monday, February 6, 2012

I think we're in trouble . . .

. . . and it might be because my sweet little baby knows and loves whipped cream - or it might be because his daddy thinks it's a good idea to give it to him.

We might also be in trouble because, if you could read Gavin's thoughts in this picture, they would be saying . . . what can I do next to torment my little brother?  Should I block him, push him over, or squish him against the wall?  And, Gavin seems so sweet . . .