Saturday, May 7, 2011

St. George, Spring Break 2011 - my last hurrah!!

Even though my official 12 weeks of maternity leave ended on the 12th of April, I asked my boss if I could extend by a few more days since it was Autumn's and Gavin's Spring Break.  He said that wasn't a problem at all, especially since he assumed I would be out for the entire month of April.  I responded by saying that I would love to stay out a few more weeks . . . and, Jeff . . . who was overhearing our conversation piped right in saying, "No you will not!  You need to get back to work and get paid!"

Who says quality time is worth more than money?  Apparently not Jeff!

I firmly believe - that after a few weeks of major c-section recovery, I was far busier on mat leave than I typically am when I work!  We found and bought a piece of property, finalized our house plans, made all sorts of choices about the design, interior and exterior while becoming social butterflies.  I don't think we stayed at home a whole day . . . I needed to go back to work just so I could recover!

We thought a trip to St. George was the perfect end to an altogether wet, snowy and cold few months.

We shared a house with the Hickens.  The kids were thrilled.  Gavin - despite all of his pre-excitement - refused to sleep with the other kids as usual.  He slept in the room with me, Jeff and Gage (who was in the bed with us since we forgot his crib).  Autumn, whose bedtime is typically a long ordeal, was happy to send us away so she could talk and listen to music.

Of course, we didn't take enough pictures.  In fact - as usual - Becky and I still don't have a picture of us together.  Six years of being the best of friends . . . hardly any documentation at all.

Gavin took advantage of the doggie door . . . so much easier than opening up the spring door.

Autumn lost her 3rd tooth . . . in the normal way this time.  
Remember . . . she knocked the first two out when she was just three.  
The Tooth Fairy came all the way to St. George, just for the occasion.

The kids loved hiking around the beautiful red rocks.

Jeff and Aaron got in two bike rides with one of Aaron's cousins. 

We hiked and played on the rocks.

I stayed with the little ones while the older kids went on a bigger hike.  
Gavin pretended to be an ostrich and bury his head in the sand.

One of the highlights wherever we go is always the pool.  We went swimming every day.

And, of course, there was just time to relax and lounge around.