Thursday, November 14, 2013

The documenter I used to be . . .

A friend at the office was pulling up a presentation on the big screen and went to his desktop, which contained an awesome collage of baby photos.  And, he said . . . this was when I used to take pictures of my kids.  3 kids later . . . the camera is hard to get to.

Ugh.  I get it.

And, let's not kid ourselves . . . my last post on this little blog of mine was in August.  No documentation, I tell you.  And, I certainly can't rely on my memory alone.  That is a risky deal.

Anywho . . . I wanted to save all of the little things that I used to write down about little Gavin and Autumn in one place.  It kind of looks pitifully small.  But . . . I'm grateful to have these.  And, it's motivation to capture even more of these moments:
  • Gavin's favorite sayings are Hold me, More dat and Thanks. (4/6/09)
  • Gavin is starting to talk more and more. He surprises me daily with the new words he says and how he combines a few words at a time. He still signs, but even says "Autumn" now. 3/22/09
  • Autumn's little attitude has taken on a new intensity. Terrible twos pale in comparison to the freaky fours. It's a good thing she can be so cute. And, she adores coloring and drawing. Maybe she's going to be a passionate artist. 3/20/09

  • Our sweet little Gavin is OBSESSED with the PBS show 'Word World.' I highly recommend it. But, the moment he wakes up or comes in the house, he starts signing Dog and screaming "Wuh Wuhhd."
  • Gavin is making amazing progress speaking. Jeff asked today if he wanted to go downstairs and watch football. Gavin responded, "Touchdown!" That's our boy! :)
  • Despite understanding everything, Gavin still shows no desire to want to speak, other than signing. So, we encourage all sounds . . . which has turned into an almost nightly dinner-time ritual of screaming as loud as possible.
  • Gavin actually made a real "moo" sound instead of just puckering his lips (9/6/08), followed by "bye bye" on the phone to Mommy this week (10/1/08).
  • Gavin . . . who refuses to talk . . . has resorted to screaming . . . all the time. We try to force him to talk or sign to let us know what he wants. So, now he signs "please" for everything. (8/19/08)
  • We are definitely proponents of Signing Time (especially since Gavin's way of saying "no" is to bang his head and scream until we figure out what he wants) . . . Gavin can sign "more" and "all done" (as well as "shoes" and "baby"). Now we just have to get the signs in the proper context.
  • Gavin is quite the dancer and loves to shake his little bum when he hears music. It's really the cutest thing ever (2/12/08)
  • Gavin is back to eating all sorts of baby food. The problem is he is not interested in eating any "real" food other than puffs and bread - and if he doesn't like the texture - he throws up on demand.    
  • What does the duck say, Gavin? "Kack, kack" (1/26/08)
  • Autumn is turning 3 on Saturday - and I am heart-broken. I wish I could be more like Jeff and just relish the moments instead of agonize over them. These were the themes she had in mind for her party . . . first, Winnie the Pooh then Rudolph the Reindeer, a short phase of Princess party, then Mickey Mouse Playhouse . . . and at the party store she immediately chose Finding Nemo and has been completely satisfied ever since.
  • Gavin has become a master army crawler. I'm so proud. Nothing is going to hold this kid back.
  • Gavin is starting to refuse all baby food except for Cheerios and Gerber puffs. We keep offering him a variety of foods and finger foods as well and are hoping this is a phase! (1/16/08)
  •  Autumn is now not only insisting upon saying the dinner prayer every time but the nightly family prayer as well. She says them in the sweetest voice without any assistance - sometimes blessing random people and things around the room, but almost always blessing the food (even if there is none to bless).
  • Gavin started waving bye bye (it's a delayed response - but, a definite wave . . . sometimes just his thumb) 1/11/08
  • Gavin is quite the dancer and loves to shake his little bum when he hears music. It's really the cutest thing ever (2/12/08)