Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Daddy does it this way . . ."

Yep . . . those are painful words to hear. Usually it's the other way around. And kids everywhere are educating Mr. Working Dad about 'the way Mommy does it.' But, Mr. Working Dad is me.

And, Daddy is actually the one that cuts the French toast in strips instead of bites, who knows where you stop to play as you ride around the block, and what 'the policeman' says when you play the Stop/Go game, what Backyardigans episodes are new, the names of all the dogs in the neighborhood and how to encourage Gavin to want to get his straps on and use his walker.

Jeff is taking his first solo vacation this week and is so excited. And, that leaves me to be the solo parent for a few days. I've been equally excited (both for Jeff, who deserves this break, and for me, who gets to spend extra time with our babies).

I have all sorts of plans in my head about the ways that I can actually just be Mommy for a few days. Not Working Mom. Just Mom.

But, after returning from almost two weeks away for business . . . and, being so relieved and happy to be home . . . I have heard "Daddy does it like this" a frustrating number of times.

I know there is nothing like being the one that your kids run to as soon as they are scared or have a boo boo. But . . . let me tell you . . . it kind of stinks being on the other side.

Luckily, my little Autumn is still Mommy's Girl. Gavin? Well, he's Daddy's boy through and through.

So . . . I'll admit . . . I'm pretty nervous about the next few days. Sounds silly, maybe. I used to know what I was doing. But, now I'm just not sure that I know how to do it 'Daddy's way.'

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  1. You will do great! Aiden tells me that all the time when I try and play monster with him. "Dad doesn't grab me, he just chases me"...well sorty! I am excited that you get to have a break from work and just be home!