Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Puppy Dog Eyes

Before we left Heber, Becky and I took the kids over to a neighborhood carnival. It was really incredible . . . tables of vendors, a train for the kids, a barbeque and more. And, we waited in the long, hot line for Autumn to get her face painted . . . and it was so worth it. What a cute little puppy!

Later that night, after Gavin went to bed, Autumn and I had a Mommy/Daughter night at the local carnival. I took my little puppy all over that carnival and we rode roller coasters, carousels, trucks, trains and more. We danced and ran around all night until way past bedtime . . . and we had SO much fun. I am sure I will cherish our special carnival time for years to come. And, who doesn't love a good carnival?

My Little Zipper

The extra scars up the back of both legs was a in-surgery decision to compensate for the lack of skin around Gavin's ankles once his feet were turned. Because the skin around his feet was so tight, turning his feet left the inside completely exposed. They cut up the back of both legs and literally shifted the skin down to partially cover the area. Crazy.