Thursday, November 8, 2007

October Snowman

These photos don't have the same impact now since snow is covering the mountains and it is already late December. But, once you realize that this frosty masterpiece was created back in October during an early snow . . . it takes on a whole new meaning.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Happy Halloween

Late proof that we did - indeed - dress up. We attended the children's event at the local college where Autumn decorated cookies and played games, the annual TGN Christmas party (that furthered Autumn's thinking that when Mommy goes to "work" that it really is just a big party) and the famous ward "Trunk or Treat." Halloween is definitely popular around the Peterson household!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Girls/Family Night Out

In typical Karen/Peterson family fashion . . . what was intended to be a girls' night out turned into both a girls' night and family night out. Jeff didn't want to miss out on the Outback Steakhouse fun either . . . so, he and Autumn met Johnny and Karin for dinner while I sat with the girls. Of course, who would have imagined that both tables would be right next to each other? Autumn couldn't resist the urge to spend at least part of the dinner at the girl table and part of dinner with Daddy! Gavin hung out at the girl table and managed to use my jacket sleeve as a napkin (he was eating peas and carrots). Amidst the chaos, I heard bits and pieces of the conversation, took Autumn to the bathroom twice, and fed Gavin (with Amber's help). Johnny actually took this picture for us after dinner and right before our shopping spree at the mall. Jeff and the kids visited with the Murphys while I got my annual mall fix. Seriously . . . it's been at least that long. If something is not available at either Target or Costco . . . I don't get it. After walking around the mall for an hour or so, I found myself thinking that many of the new trends were just not style (I mean, what's the purpose of wearing a belt on the outside of your shirt!?) . . . and then I stopped . . . isn't this the trap that many moms fall into?? I cannot allow myself to become an unfashionable, outdated mother!! I have committed myself to survey a fashion magazine now and then and to buy myself an article or two of clothes more than once a year. Let's face it . . . I'm not the greatest shopper . . . it's just so much more fun buying for the kids!