Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A big compliment . . .

I have admitted that I love my job . . . despite the hours and the work and the stress and the sleep deprivation. Not always, of course. But, in general. And, I do love to travel . . . despite the slight fear of airplanes, the jet lag and the exhausting hours. But, there are the obvious downsides to my job and to traveling for work.

But, tonight . . . after a very long day of meetings, including a 90 minute presentation that I prepared (until the wee hours of the morning) and gave to the executives, we all walked to a nearby pub for cocktails (not nearly as fun for me as it used to be). The CEO pulled me out of a casual conversation . . .

He told me what a "tremendous job" that I was doing, how they considered me to be an incredibly strong leader and a valuable asset for the company. And, he asked how satisfied Jeff was with our current living situation (in hopes that I'd stay on in Canada for a while). We chatted for a few minutes about the struggles I have been through - both personally and professionally - for the business. He continued that he had mentioned me specifically in the last board meeting by expressing his confidence in me as Managing Director for Canada. And, he ended with a huge "thank you."

It may seem trivial. But, coming from Tim . . . it is not.

I, like a proud little kid, almost skipped back to the hotel and couldn't wait to call Jeff.

It definitely is a good reminder of how critical positive feedback and reinforcement is. Not just to a working person. But, to stay-at-home parents, our kids, and our friends. We can all get so down in the trenches that monotony sets in and we may even start to take people or things for granted.

But, nothing compares to feeling valued, important and appreciated. And it helps to ease the pains - if only for a little while - of all of the sacrifices we make.


  1. You deserve all that he said. You are an amazing person! Great job!

  2. Great job! I am not surprised he said that, you are amazing at your job. It is so true, just a small little Thank You goes so far and means a lot. I can just see you all giddy like afterwards. Haha, love ya!