Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gavin, the 4-wheeler and the Helmet Cam

Jeff has been super excited about his new helmet cam.  He's taken it on a few dirt bike trips in Utah.  And, has now found new uses for it . . . filming the kids dancing, us flying down a water slide on a raft . . . and now, attaching the camera to Gavin's four-wheeler handle bars.

Gavin's facial expressions are hilarious.  Those little pursed lips, that determination . . . so stinkin' cute.

My favorite is his face at the bottom of the hill after he spins out.  Priceless.

Seriously, this kid doesn't miss a beat.  What he lacks in some areas . . . he more than makes up for in others.

We love this kid.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to school

Although Jeff and the kids returned from almost a month in the Mountain Time Zone just a few days before the start of school (making 8am feel like 6am) . . . we hyped them up on sugary donuts and cake to prepare them for their first day!

This is my very favorite time of year.  I don't like the idea of my kids growing up or spending the day with anyone but family . . . yet, I love how excited they get about making friends, learning new songs, letters and words, reading books and feeling so independent and courageous.

I love how the weather starts to cool down and you cozy up with a sweatshirt.

I love football.

I love Halloween.

I love pumpkins and pumpkin patches and our annual Spookley the Pumpkin FHE.

I love everything about Autumn time!!

Fall is kicked off with our first day of school activities.

Jeff gives each child a father's blessing the night before school begins.  I loved Autumn's shy little grin both before and after Jeff laid his hands on her head.  And yes . . . Gavin freaked out and screamed and refused to sit quietly . . . so, we are hoping to try again in a few days when he's caught up on sleep.

I took Autumn to school and walked her inside.  Unfortunately, after all of us completely fell in love with her Junior Kindergarten teacher, she opted to teach music lessons full-time.  So, Autumn has a new teacher this year.

As sweet little thoughtful Autumn does, she - completely on her own - decided to make a necklace for her JK teacher (with an "M" for Ms. Shin), her new teacher (with a "T" for teacher), herself (featuring "AP") and her best friend, Alida (she ran out of A's - so, it was just pink and white beads).

Her new teacher is all business.  As soon as we walked through the door, she grabbed Autumn by the hand and pulled her around the corner . . . leaving me yelling after her like the crazy mom I am, "I love you, Autumn!!  Have fun!!"  And, that was that.  You'd think her teacher takes that approach to prevent any meltdowns from nervous students.  It could be her reasoning was to cut off the tears that were rapidly forming in my eyes.

Jeff took Gavin to his preschool.  He was excited at first to see his favorite teacher again.  And, then when he realized that Daddy wasn't staying all day . . . he broke down in tears.  He's such a sensitive little guy.  And, that's why I chose to take Autumn and Jeff took Gavin.  Doing the thing you know needs to be done . . . walking away during those tears . . . is something that daddies are better at.  By the time Jeff came to pick him up, Gavin was eating a Freezy and having a great time.

I called from work to get a quick update from the kids and then told them I wanted to hear all the details as soon as I got home.  I hadn't even shut the door when Gavin wheeled up with his walker to say, "School was great, Mom!"

The kids decorated our 'first day of school' celebration cake.  Autumn drew a school with multiple levels of windows - 'just like her school.'  Gavin created the blue swingset with Daddy's help . . . then proceeded to immediately lick it off.

(Gavin is clearly still working on his camera smile)

We are so proud of our two little school kids!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Traditional Labor Day Donuts

Are you not familiar with traditional Labor Day donuts?  Well, it's likely a Peterson household invention.  A sly way of feeling good about making homemade donuts by tying it to a random holiday.  Besides, Labor Day is the kind of holiday that could use a sugary start!

I'm a huge fan of family traditions - however big or small.  We picked homemade donuts . . . and we're sticking to them!  And, oh my . . . they are delicious . . . especially with homemade chocolate frosting.

And yes . . . we do have a 'first day of school' celebration cake tradition as well.  Clearly I wasn't thinking of the proximity of Labor Day to the first day of school when we brainstormed these traditions!

Nevertheless, everyone at our house was all smiles for a few days (until I remembered how much chocolate leads to heartburn when I'm pregnant . . . ouch).