Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hand-made Shirts and High Fashion

Autumn is such a little artist. She has been mastering scissors for years - the adult, sharp kind. And, she dreams up the most amazing projects. Needless to say, she's made 6 bracelets, 5 'I love Mommy' pictures, 1 pipe cleaner alien, 2 door decorations, 1 tattoo that she begged me to let her paint - all by herself, upside down, and much more . . . in the last 3 days.

Without my knowing, she decided last night that she wanted to design her own t-shirts. She found two well-used paint shirts and drew 'Kern, I Love Yoo' on the first. She explained that by using my real name, I would be able to wear it to work. And, on the second, she drew her own name and several hearts - and informed me that she would be wearing it to sleep and to school today. I suggested that we could buy some brand new shirts from the store and decorate them. But, Autumn said she really liked the green paint across the bottom. 

She knows me well. She knew I would only ask the question - but, the decision was hers. I know this is not the norm . . . but, I allow Autumn to wear whatever she wants. Yes, that means a Minnie Mouse costume to church (it qualifies as a dress), white dressy sandals over knee-high colorful socks, red shoes with a brown and pink dress, pink striped pants with a very different pink flowered shirt . . .

For a while, I tried to maintain control. I fought her desire to wear the exact same shirt and pants to school every day of the week. And, then I decided that it wasn't worth the fight. She is always so proud of her ensembles. And, I have decided that I am not going to introduce her to the notion that you should care what other people think about the way you look or dress. One day she will know and care all on her own. And, I will be ready to introduce her to the supposed rules of fashion. Until then . . . she can wear that hand-made shirt proudly. And, she did.  She even allowed me to fix her hair (2nd time for the whole year).  And she chose her special pose for the picture.

Here are a few of my other favorites:

She's got her mommy's sense of style!

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  1. Ok, so it might be because it's late but I am cracking up over and over again at the "Kern, I love Yoo". Hahahaha, oh my gosh that is so funny & cute. I love that you let her wear what she wants. I need to be better at letting my kids do that. Aiden is really into sweatshirts and wants to wear one everyday w/ shorts. Why!? Next thing I know he will be wearing sandals with socks and coding software!!