Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back in Time

I told Jeff that I really needed to add more to the blog. And, he said, "What, more about Edward?" And, even though I could definitely muster up at least one more post about my dear Edward . . . I am going to return to my dear, beloved family.

On Saturday, Jeff discovered that the melting snow had seeped into our basement spare room and soaked the carpet. On Sunday, I discovered that a box containing my scrapbooks, wedding photos and other albums was among the items most affected. I was somewhere between tears, anger and a complete melt-down. I spent the morning hanging, separating and drying my most precious pages and photos. Luckily, there was relatively little damage overall.

It was fun, however, looking through all of our albums after putting them away for a few years. Jeff and I are unusually lucky in that we have everything documented in photos since the very first day we met (April 8, 2000) when I was vacationing in Utah and visiting Cheri. And, I had stashed the only "baby" pictures that Jeff and I have of ourselves in the first few pages of our first album together. Clearly next time we both visit home, we need to bring a scanner and add to our very small collection.

Karen and Dad making potholders. When I was back in Virginia last time, my sister found a potholder-making kit that I have in a closet waiting for Autumn and I to put together. We used to make these all the time when I was young. It's such a fun craft.

Little mischevious Jeff . . . finally back in the kitchen after all these years.

Karen and sister, Amy. Such cute little girlies.

Jeff on his first birthday.

Apparently this is how I thought you held the phone. I see a definite resemblance to Gavin in this picture.

My sweet little Jeffrey about 4 months old.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Robert Pattinson - Singing "Let me Sign"

No one worry. I haven't REALLY lost my mind. I realize the difference between real life and fiction.

But, I find Rob Pattinson's voice along the lines of a very soulful Ben Harper . . . Tracy Chapman even. Anyway, I love it. Apparently he sings a few songs in the movie. There's another one called "Never Think" that is really nice.

This guy really is like Edward . . . except not a vampire, etc., etc.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bite me . . .

I had somehow missed the entire Twilight saga craze. I know I become completely absorbed with good books - and I was never ready to commit. So, when a friend suggested I borrow her Twilight book to read while I was in Virginia, I was a bit reluctant.

My sister and I bought books #2 and 3 over Thanksgiving and were staying up each night until 3am reading obsessively. I finished Breaking Dawn the following week and then made plans as soon as I could to go see the film.

Here's the problem . . . I'm still obsessed. Like a 13-yr-old, I'd like to wallpaper my room with movie posters, wear Team Edward shirts and make a girls trip to Forks. It's disgusting. I am in love with Edward Cullen (PS - this is not a secret that I'm keeping from Jeff. He rolls his eyes and claims Edward's a pansy . . . I tell him he's just jealous. And, I did confirm with my very wise sister that being in love with a fictional character is not cheating in any way. Phew!).

It doesn't help that I moved away from all of my friends to work a completely stressful job that just never slows down. I read my friends blogs and get homesick and jealous. It's true. Fantasy is just so much easier than real life - making it possible to ignore my kids, husband and family for a few weeks. And, now I have the books stashed around my house. I have already begun the second round of reading. It doesn't even matter the order. I'll pick up whichever book is nearby and start in the middle just to get my Edward fix.

Now, to make matters worse . . . Robert Pattinson? Amazing. The minute I saw that he was actually playing the piano himself in the film . . . in fact, he wrote some of the music . . . that was it. Rob, Edward . . . all de.li.cious. That cute, shy British accent? Yummm.

Yes, I thought Jasper resembled Edward Scissorhands and that Rosalie should have been cast differently . . . but, make no mistakes . . . I'll be buying that movie. I love Edward and Bella (even if you occasionally want to slap her). I liken it to ranch dressing. You can dip anything in ranch dressing and it will taste good. I'm easy to please.

And, just to put you at ease . . . I'm not completely psycho like those moms that come and ask Rob Pattinson - in real life - to bite their babies. I would NEVER waste one of his bites on my kids.