Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Surgery Day

I've been pretty preoccupied recently and the blog has fallen low on my priority list. Jeff and I went to Canada on a somewhat last minute trip to determine whether or not we are willing to move to Toronto . . . and left the kids for the first time ever.

Work is extremely busy . . . moving to Toronto is a big deal . . .

But, my focus is on my Gavin. I'm packing up my bags right now to take Gavin to the hospital tomorrow morning at 7am. He has two major surgeries together that will require two different surgeons. It is going to be somewhere between 5-7 hours.

It's all I can think about. Everything else pales in comparison.

If you have a minute . . . please say a prayer for our little angel.

Daddy's Little Girl

For a while, when I would ask Autumn if she was Mommy's girl, she would say, "No, I'm Daddy's girl." I assured her that she was in Mommy's tummy . . . but, then decided that I would spare all the details.
She has since become much more lovey with me again (although Gavin has now become 100% Daddy's boy. Geez.) But, there is no doubt that Autumn LOVES. HER. DADDY. And, I love that.

Two Mommies

I'm not joking . . . the day Autumn randomly busted out her "two mommies" comment while crossing her eyes will stay with me forever. But, here's the proof.

Monday, April 7, 2008

What Do You Think, Mountain Man?

The final step in the decision-making process was a trip to Canada for Jeff and I together. It was a last minute decision for us to go on a moment's notice . . . but, it required us to leave our kids for the first time overnight. It was tragic for me.

I'd been to Toronto several times since I started managing the Canadian business in 2005 . . . and, although Jeff was the biggest supporter of the move to Canada . . . I needed him to SEE IT FIRST. Mountains replaced by skyscrapers. Humidity. Lots and lots of people. I warned him.

Here's the thing . . . we've talked, prayed, and talked some more. Ironically, Jeff didn't need the convincing. He was confident with the decision to move from the beginning. I was the one with the hesitations. What was best for the family? How would Autumn react? Would Jeff lose his mind at home?

The turning point for me came in our hotel room the 2nd night as I sat researching the local support for Gavin . . . I realized that Gavin would actually have MORE resources in Canada because of the size of the city. In fact, all of the pediatric neurosurgeons at Primary Children's - except one - were trained in Toronto. We discussed the move with our Utah doctors in depth - and each immediately praised the Toronto Children's Hospital for its world-class care.

So, even though I couldn't admit it to myself or to anyone else for a few more weeks (plus we had to negotiate the elements of the company's agreement) . . . the decision was clear.

When Gavin was born, we promised ourselves that his and Autumn's needs would always come first . . . no matter where we needed to go, what we needed to do, or how much it cost.

So . . . yes . . . we are moving to Canada.

Signing Time Audition

At 8pm on the day auditions were due, we sat a very tired Autumn down for a brief Signing Time session. She remembers hundreds of signs . . . but Little Miss Independent does everything in her own way and in her own time.