Friday, October 29, 2010

Spookley and our round pumpkins

Between me working like crazy, hosting my boss and VP of Finance, and an amazing visit from Becky and Aaron (more on that to come), I've made sure that we stick to our traditional Halloween activities.

We have been leading up to Halloween with our holiday short movie bonanza.  We began by watching Spookley the Square Pumpkin and cooked some cute little sugar cookies with pumpkins on them (ahhh . . . I also learned the ease and joy of ready-to-cook decorative cookies from the store). 

Jeff had to hook up the VCR so that we could watch one of the old school Mickey Mouse Halloween tapes.  Does anyone else remember the cartoon when Donald wouldn't give up his candy for his nephews and a friendly witch casts a spell on him and makes him dance?  Anyway . . . it's a classic.  The kids enjoyed a small bowl of ice cream right in front of the TV.  A double treat.

Then, we rounded out the week with pumpkin carving and our last Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Halloween show.  Gavin was not into getting his hands gooey with the pumpkin guts.  I finally convinced him to touch the inside after emphasizing that Autumn did the same thing.  Immediately after, he told me in a fairly distressed voice that he needed to wash his hands 'right now.'  Autumn, on the other hand, is always willing to get a little dirty.

Today, Autumn was allowed to wear her costume to school.  She was luckily the only witch in her classroom.  I was only able to snap a quick photo of her in the truck before she headed to school.

But, we have two parties tomorrow and trick-or-treating yet to come.  So, stay tuned for our little witch and black cat.

(Yes, once Autumn decided she wanted to be a witch, she quickly convinced Gavin to be her little black cat.  He didn't hesitate.  He loves his big sister . . . even though he does pull her hair and hit her frequently).