Sunday, February 24, 2008

That Bloody Vacuum!

Jeff's brother, Jared, and his wife, Lynnsey, and 2 of their 3 children came to visit this weekend. We had big plans - including another visit to Kangaroo Zoo! Saturday morning, while the boys were on their way to Ogden, Kayla (4 1/2) and Autumn struggled through 'wanting' to play together - but, not having the will-power to resist continuous arguing. After several attempts at cordial play, a few stern comments from the moms and some yelling and throwing . . . the incident occurred.

I can definitely say that I am incredibly grateful to the other moms that have shared "head wound" stories - so, that the amount of blood that surged so quickly from Autumn's head didn't send me into complete panic. I saw the tail end of the incident . . . enough to know that Autumn fell straight back onto the vacuum - smashing the back of her head onto the base. There was speculation and conflicting stories about possible pushing since Autumn wanted to take a turn playing computer games . . . and Kayla was not prepared to switch. Blood drenched her shirt, my shirt, my pants, her pants, the two wash rags that we used to try to find the source of the pain . . . which we eventually discovered to be a surprisingly tiny - but significant - little puncture.

After a lot of love, cuddling, a little chocolate milk and reassurance that we would still be able to go to Kangaroo Zoo . . . we all returned to the normal pace of the day . . . with Autumn and Kayla pushing each others' buttons as much and often as possible.


  1. Deja vu? Was this similar to the real kitty situation at Christmas, or was it like when you and Amy agreed to disagree?
    I once told my mother that no one had told me that being a mother would be like that and she replied that I just hadn't asked. Love, MOM

  2. Way to keep your cool. The first time I saw blood on Aiden I about had a heart attack. Aaron couldn't decide who to take care of or Aiden! Thank goodness for chocolate milk, it makes everything better!