Sunday, February 17, 2008

Crazy Lady (and daughter) with all the cats

A bit more background behind the Christmas pink kitty . . . I looked in all the stores and everywhere online to find that pink kitty. I literally spent hours. When I finally found a pink kitty that was suitable, I ordered it right away on Amazon. I had more than a month until Christmas. However, a mere week away from Santa, I received the fateful email saying that Autumn's pink kitty was out of stock and would not arrive. After a frantic call to Jeff (in which he somewhat surprisingly realized the importance of the Christmas pink kitty), I was more determined than ever to fulfill Autumn's only Christmas wish. So, I ordered a different pink kitty and a white kitty as backup . . .
You know the rest of the Christmas pink kitty . . . here's what happened with the white kitty . . .
White kitty became Autumn's first birthday present of the day. She immediately fell in love (pink kitty who?). So, after only a few weeks (Autumn's birthday was February 2nd), it became the ONLY topic of conversation when white kitty could not be found. We searched everywhere. White kitty was the first thing she asked about in the morning and the first thing she asked about when she walked in the door. After another visit to Amazon, I assured Autumn that white kitty would come home (in 2-3 weeks + shipping).
While on Amazon - because they so kindly show 'other things you may be interested in' - I decided to buy a backup for the white kitty . . . an identical kitty that was black for Valentine's Day.
Of course, in the meantime, the ORIGINAL pink kitty (the one that was out of stock before Christmas) randomly arrived on our doorstep, the original white kitty turned up in Autumn's play shopping cart in the garage and black kitty was an immediate hit on Valentine's Day (white kitty who?) . . . and we still had a new/replacement white kitty on the way.
And . . . totally by coincidence, Autumn received a white kitty Webkinz for her birthday from a sweet neighbor and a purring baby white kitten from Grandma and Grandpa Peterson . . .
If you've been counting . . . we have 7 new kittens. And, no . . . I haven't/won't add up the kitty cost. It's best not to know.


  1. HA HA HA HA... Another HILARIOUS story from the Peterson home front! That was AWESOME!

  2. I love reading your stories, especially since I didn't get to sit by you at Bunko last time....I've missed listening to what's going on at your house. This blog is like my weekly Bunko!

  3. Ha, Karen...I love you, you crack me up.

  4. That is AWESOME... (kitty who) that is totally something we would do. how funny. Glad you got plenty of backups now though. You are such a good mommy.

  5. You guys are great. I absolutely love reading comments that you leave on the blog. I feel like I get to talk to you more now than before. How warm and fuzzy . . . blogs uniting the world :)

  6. Could you repeat that story about the kitties to me 4 times really fast? I just get it really mixed up trying to read it. Love, DAD

  7. Maybe I need to send another box of kitties just to make sure you have enough. Isn't there an old saying that you can never have enough of a good thing? Love, MOM