Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, Autumn!!

Happy Birthday, Autumn!! It was a full house for Autumn's 'Finding Nemo' party. Cake with candles, ice cream, hats and blower thingies . . . all the things that make for a perfect party! (Note - Autumn picked up one of the huge red icing flowers on her cake and ATE IT ALL at once. I tried to stop it . . . it made me nauseous.)
It's hard to accept I have a three-year-old. I can't even begin to think about her being 4!! Thank goodness I have 365 days to adjust . . .


  1. Happy Birthday Autumn! Looks like her party was lots of fun. I love her look of suprise when opening presents. It makes me want to be little again, birthdays were so much better back then.

  2. I love her face in that last picture, she is too cute for her own good. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUTUMN!

  3. Just wait until she is in about meltdown!

  4. Autumn reminds me so much of you at that age, Karen. Enjoy every precious moment.
    Hope you had a very special birthday, Autumn. You are certainly a very special little girl! Love, Grandma