Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas in New York

I have always dreamed of Christmas in New York City.  I love New York.  Yearn for it sometimes. 

I've had the pleasure of experiencing the city twice.  Once to celebrate New Year's Eve at Times Square while I was at Radford.  A-mazing.  And, one other time a few years ago, when I was in town for a marketing summit.  In the few short days I was there, I went to see Wicked all by myself (giddy like a little girl on Christmas, calling Jeff from the lobby gushing about how excited I was to be there in that moment), visited Times Square, and shopped in some of the biggest stores downtown.  

What is it about this city that I find so incredibly enticing? 

Yes, I love my space, not paying for parking everywhere, having a car, quiet neighborhoods . . . but, I could be just as happy in a studio apartment on the 23rd floor . . . at least for a while.  I've said it before . . . I guess I'm a little bit country and a little bit city.  It's not that I don't know who I am . . . I think.  I just enjoy a lot of different things.

Jeff knows exactly who he is.  Jeff is all country.  And, I like Jeff.  Soooo . . . we will never be city people.  Living in Toronto was as close as we will get to big city life.

So, I will live my dream in other ways.  When the time is right, I'll find a way to spend some time in the Big Apple near Christmas.

For now, I'll go watch Miracle on 34th Street and try to get my fill of parades and crowds and skyscrapers.

Jeff wrinkles his nose at the thought of all of this . . . including any old movies.

But, that's the beauty of marriage.  You don't have to like every single thing together.  It's healthy to have your own dreams.

And, one of mine is New York City!!

Any takers?


  1. Girls trip, just not during Chrismtas???!!! Let's go!