Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gavin Turns 5!!

The good news about Gavin's pool party was that we were actually able to swim the whole time as planned (unlike so many times in the past when our swim time was cut short by someone's unfortunate 'bathroom' incident in the pool . . . oooooo . . . super gross).  The bad news was that in the shuffle of getting three kids and two adults ready in the locker room, we misplaced the birthday boy's shirt.  This was immediately following the realization that Gavin had sliced off the side of his big toe at some point in the pool . . . and after he was semi-fixed up in the lifeguard office (one of the kids at the party later told her mom that Gavin was taken to the ER . . . so, to the other kids . . . the whole bloody experience was super exciting).

There are rare blessings that Gavin does not have feeling in his feet.  So, the loss of his Spiderman shirt was by far more traumatic than his sliced toe.  Plus, especially to the people that didn't realize that Gavin was not in pain . . . his calm demeanor in the face of disaster was incredibly impressive.

The final good news of the night was that we finally found his shirt while we were packing up.  It had fallen under a chair in the pool area.  Peace was restored.

Because his party was on a weekday, just a few families came to join in our celebration.  Gavin invited his friends from our new neighborhood as well as the twins that go to preschool with him.

There were Spiderman decorations all around and delicious pizza from our favorite local restaurant in Kamas, followed by homemade chocolate cupcakes.

Our shirtless little boy was the center of attention . . . and he deserved it.

There's no doubt that Gavin is at a pivotal age.  He is the funniest little guy and says the most random things to make us laugh. His laugh is infectious and his little voice melts my heart.   However, that voice can easily turn into the whiniest of screams.  And, his flailing angry arms sometimes hit and hurt.

So, I sometimes struggle between what is normal five-year-old behavior and what is related to the challenging situation that he is in.  Who can blame Gavin for getting frustrated when the other kids run up the stairs faster than he can?  Or, when one of my friends said that she would bring her boys after to our house to run around . . . and, Gavin yelled from the back, "I can't run."  If we can do anything for Gavin, we hope it is to instill the most positive outlook and attitude that is imaginable.  If we can do that . . . we will be so happy.  Because nothing will stop him. Attitude is the only disability.

But, our little five-year-old man is amazing.  A true little miracle man.

I wonder what he wished for . . .

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