Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gage at 12 months

Our sweet little man . . . 12 months already.  Time sure did fly by.  I know everyone says that.  But, it's completely true.  There are a million moments that I would like to freeze: 

Gage's chuckle when Jeff blows on his belly,
The way he points so that we will take him somewhere,
How every single time I put his bear on my shoulder before bed or nap time, he immediately snuggles his face into the silky fabric,
How Gage is learning sign language so quickly and motions for drink, mom and hurt,
The way that Gage crawls when he has something in his had - a little sideways scoot with one leg dragging behind,
The way he absolutely loves the little board book 'Goodnight Baby Blessings' that has been a consistent favorite at our house - he will sit on his own and flip through the pages,
and so much more.  

I can only imagine how big Gage will seem when his baby brother comes home.  But, Gage is still - undoubtedly - my little baby.  I adore him.

Sherry came up while I was at work one day to snap a few photos of our growing little guy.  Newly skilled at being mobile, he was not the most cooperative subject.  But, I love the photos that she was able to capture.  Oh those blue eyes . . .

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