Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Little Moments

This morning, I had one of those moments when it felt like something was squeezing my heart, constricting my throat, and pushing water out of my eyes . . . 

I had just given Autumn a big goodbye hug and then I watched her walk down our driveway with her backpack on and a little bounce to her step . . . on her way to the bus stop . . . a big girl . . . all by herself.

She turned, waved again and yelled that she loved me.

And, I yelled back again that I loved her even more.  And, then I stood there motionless, watching her walk away . . . trying to capture the way she looked with her not-fully brushed, long hair, her shorts (even though it's not quite time for them), and her carefree little hum. 

Not understanding how it all happened so fast.

I was literally torn between watching that moment in real time and running to grab my camera.  I know it was a simple thing. But, those little things mean so much.

So, I stood there watching.

Then I turned to Jeff and asked him how and when our little girl had grown up so suddenly.

1 comment:

  1. I have had so many moments just like that, you feel so compelled to capture them.
    Parker gets baptized in 2 months, where has the time gone?
    Miss you Karen.