Wednesday, February 15, 2012


It finally, finally snowed in Heber enough to let the kids break out their power toys in the yard.  At this point, I know most everyone else is hoping to make it through a whole winter without snow.  

Maybe it's because I'm from Virginia . . . but, I never tire of the snow.  Plus, I feel like cold weather warrants snow.  It's kind of pointless without it (although I don't mind hot chocolate with or without its snowy companion).

And, I was lucky enough to find a man that shares my fascination for winter.  We joke that we will be the opposite of all the traditional Snow Birds.  When we retire, we will tuck ourselves away in a snowy cabin all winter and then fly to another cold location during the hot, dry months of Utah summer.  Just as I feel that cold weather needs snow . . . in my book, hot weather needs water . . . preferably ocean water.  

Apparently our children have all inherited our love of snow . . . including little Gage.

These short little videos show the progression of the morning.  The last one is obviously my favorite.


I walked outside to film Autumn dragging Jeff and Gavin behind her snowmobile on a sled.  Since I left the door cracked, Gage snuck out as he usually does when he sees an opportunity to escape.  I love how he points to the rest of the family riding around.


Gage was so excited that I quickly bundled him up
 in snow gear and passed him off to Jeff so that he could get a little taste of the winter fun.  Autumn and Gage rode in the sled behind the four-wheeler.  Gavin is on the back seat.

And finally:

Jeff only kept Gage out for a few minutes, fearing he'd get too cold.  So, I brought him in, unbundled him, hung up his snowsuit and came back to this . . . a poor little left out baby.  Man, I love this kid.

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