Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Look Mommy! No Hands!

Gavin has a new trick. Standing. All by himself. For a few seconds at a time. It's a huge deal. And, he's so proud. And, we are so happy.  This picture says it all.

And, when he wants to get super fancy . . . he lifts his walker up and holds it in the air.  It's so amazing and cute how he feels more secure with that walker nearby.  And, Autumn is his biggest cheerleader.  She can coax him up stairs better than anyone.  I love it when I overhear their conversations and she is encouraging him to try harder.

Speaking of walkers . . . we've ordered this new fancy model that Gavin chose himself.   It's called 'the crocodile' - which just makes it that much 'cooler' to Gavin.  We look at the picture on the computer regularly and are counting down the days until we bring that puppy home for a test drive.


  1. This is absolutely amazing, we are so proud of Gavin, what an inspiring little boy!!! Love you Gavin!!

  2. YAY! that is so awesome! i love how he lifts the walker up!

  3. He continues to amaze me. What an awesome kid! Love his face in that picture.