Monday, June 7, 2010

Just take my door off

Everything goes in phases at the house . . . the sticking your tongue out phase, the excessive teasing, the hitting, the door slamming.  I remember a good friend of mine telling me to always allow any new thing a full 16 days before you start to really get concerned.  It was good advice.

The door slamming went away for a while.  And, in the last week - probably because I made a point of letting Autumn know that slamming doors in the new house could break the mirror on the reverse side - slamming doors has returned.  Today, about 4 times in a row.

I'm a firm believer that the best time to really have a good discussion about improper behavior is when everything is calm again.  Bedtime is the perfect opportunity to have a heart to heart.

I asked her what plan we could make together so that we remember not to slam doors.

Her response, "Just take my door off.  There's no way I can slam it if it's not there.  That's the best idea.  And, if you don't . . . I'll be hot potato burned."


  1. Sounds like a simple solution to me. Who needs a door anyway?

  2. First, love the picture of Autumn. She is so gorgeous. Second, I'm so glad Gavin is okay! I can't believe how long you have to wait in an ER--yet another reason to make sure you are home in a year!

    Looks like you have been super busy, as usual. Hope we see you this summer!

  3. She is absolutely beautiful, like her momma. Clearly she is also smart and has mad problem solving skills. LOL

  4. Hilarious! What a gorgeous photo of her too.