Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh Happy? Graduation Day

At Autumn's preschool Christmas performance, she might have been the only one who refused to wear her angel halo. I was surprised she even let the teachers put her graduation cap on . . . clearly, she was no happier to wear it. We had a hard time sorting through the many sad-faced pictures to choose one. Pretty much the whole first hour, this was her expression. The amazing thing is that I have never seen a more perfect frown. She's talented, I tell you. Perhaps Hollywood is in her future.

Once graduation was over and the cap came off, Autumn let loose a bit for some dancing and bubble popping. This is her best little friend, Alita. Jeff and I were cracking up watching and hearing Alita sing during the performance. Her little mouth was open so big and she was singing her heart out. Autumn, who picks up the words of all songs with unbelievable speed, refused to sing at all. We're hoping they will be in the same Junior Kindergarten class. Alita lives nearby and they get together for play dates. Gavin absolutely loves "A-li-li."

Autumn and a few of her teachers. Giselle (on Autumn's immediate left) runs the program and was Autumn's favorite teacher.

Autumn is already sounding out and writing words on her own. She loves any and all books. She has become quite the artist and loves to cut every drawing out. I come home everyday to a pile of fresh confetti under the kitchen table. Autumn is dramatic and moody and emotional . . . but, with that comes a little girl that loves to sing, is passionate about all animals (we always have a collection of snails, worms, and lizards), is so sweet to her little brother . . . and makes us laugh constantly.

We're so proud of Autumn and how much she has learned during her preschool year. In Utah, she would have one more year of preschool. But, here in Ontario, she is set to start Junior Kindergarten in just over a week. I'm not sure I was prepared to send my little girl off on the bus so soon.

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