Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yes, we do want the first haircut package . . .

A momentous occasion occurred just a week ago. Autumn had her first ever haircut . . . at 4 1/2 years old. She'd never had so much as a trim (I'm not bragging here). Knowing our sweet little precocious girl, you know that she is fiercly independent, fearless of anything physical (albeit shy in social situations initially) and a stubborn little chip off the ol' block (you can blame that on me or Jeff - take your pick). So, you may be able to understand why I didn't want to introduce her to scissors too young. Until recently, Autumn was unconvinced that girls even got their hair cut. All worth it since we haven't (yet) experienced the super short self-inflicted bang cut. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

We made it a girls' day out. We went to Sharkey Cuts, a children's hair salon, first. Autumn actually sat in a pink Barbie jeep during the cut. After they painted her fingernails purple for her 'mini-cure', we headed to Boston Pizza for a lunch on the patio followed by a trip to Michael's Craft Store.

The beautician gave me a reproving look when I explained that this was indeed her first haircut experience. And, then she hesitantly asked if I wanted the "First Haircut Package" that typically applied to young babies, including a before and after photo and a pink sachet for her cut hair. Umm . . . yes.

She had a huge frowny face on the entire time her hair was being cut. And, then immediately afterward she said, "Mom, that was such a great idea." Oh, Autumn. I can only imagine your teenage years.

They cut at least 4 inches off . . . and you still can't see the bottom of her hair in either picture.

When Autumn told us that her hair was almost hitting the water in the toilet when she was going potty . . . we knew the time had come.


  1. She is so beautiful. Her eyes are amazing. Love her new do....

  2. is do even the right word? sorry if I've misspelled it too!

  3. She is WAY too GOREGOUS you guys!!! Hide her away. ;)

  4. I can't believe how big she is now! She is absolutely beautiful & looks just like you!

  5. she so cute with her hair cut and i think she really likes it!

  6. so cute! we miss you guys! you can have friends because i would never want you to be lonely, but no replacing any of us back home :)