Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Living a Double Life

Jeff and I live a double life (maybe triple). We have roots in Colorado and Virginia, respectively, and also Utah and Toronto. Our home is now in two countries. How that happened so quickly, we don't know. Is home where our 'stuff' is? Is home where our heart is? Is home where we have our own mattress to sleep on?

Jeff, Autumn and Gavin left on the 12th to head back to Colorado . . . so Jeff could lay tile at Jared's cabin. I questioned why he would even consider working on his vacation . . . and then realized, that despite some whining about working, that he probably enjoyed every second (as well as the built-in grandparent babysitters for the kids and working with Jory). I was left all alone in Canada - but, during my very busiest time at work - which didn't leave any real time for tears (except for at the airport and all the way back to the office).

I flew to Salt Lake on Friday the 19th and headed to the Hicken household in Heber. I stopped by Papa Murphy's on the way into town and ironically parked right beside the little brown pickup that we reluctantly sold a few months ago! It was a bit strange to pull into Becky's driveway across the street from our house that is now inhabited by renters (referred to as "the intruders" by Becky and me). And, I almost got teary seeing all of the new construction on the impending Wal-Mart at the end of my street (not tears of joy). My bag arrived at the house the next morning. Jeff, Autumn and Gavin finally came into town on Monday. It was a sweet reunion.

The irony of it all was that the entire week we lamented about having to leave Utah. The mountains and leaves were beautiful, we missed our friends, we missed our favorite restaurants and stores among many other things. Staying with the Hickens was perfect. We felt completely at home. And, despite it all . . . we were both excited to get "home" to Toronto and sleep in our own beds.


  1. It was so nice to see you! Whenever we say the word 2, McKay keeps asking, 2 years? Is that when Autumn and Gavin will be back? Anyway, I'm glad we got to hang out. Your darling family is too cute!

  2. What the H!!!! You were in Utah and didn't call or anything? I am so angry on the inside right now.

  3. So did the flu get through the rest of you guys on your "vacation?" Send me your address so I can send your family pics! =) We miss you guys!

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  5. We had so fun while you were here and can't wait for your next visit. Your family pic's turned out so cute, they always do. Love you guys, talk to you soon. let's skype!!