Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Puppy Dog Eyes

Before we left Heber, Becky and I took the kids over to a neighborhood carnival. It was really incredible . . . tables of vendors, a train for the kids, a barbeque and more. And, we waited in the long, hot line for Autumn to get her face painted . . . and it was so worth it. What a cute little puppy!

Later that night, after Gavin went to bed, Autumn and I had a Mommy/Daughter night at the local carnival. I took my little puppy all over that carnival and we rode roller coasters, carousels, trucks, trains and more. We danced and ran around all night until way past bedtime . . . and we had SO much fun. I am sure I will cherish our special carnival time for years to come. And, who doesn't love a good carnival?


  1. Your kids are the cutest ever!

    I am excited you are heading this way...any exact dates yet? I would love to be able to see you and your cute family--or do a girls night out---or a family night out--whatever works for you! Let me know!

  2. I am for sure a Carni Rat, I loves me a good carnival. How fun that you got to go and have a mommy date night out. Autumns eyes are perfect for that little puppy face.

  3. My little puppies do not look nearly as cute as yours. Would you consider a trade? Two of mine for yours. Those eyes, they make me feel like she needs a big hug. But I am sure she gets plenty of those. Looks like a great time was had by everyone.

    Love DAD

  4. I size them in photoshop first, then put them on photobucket. But... I also made my blog larger which you can do in layout I believe...
    But yeah, I had fun hanging out with the kids. They were SO good and sweet! I miss them already. Kitty drama will always be there for me too! ;)