Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pink Kitty vs. the "Kitty that Walks"

It started out so innocently . . . Autumn and Gavin made mention to several Santas along the way that he would have to come drop off their presents in Virginia since we would be visiting with Aunt Amy and her family and Grandma and Grandpa Ranson. We wrote a letter to Santa to be sure and we put together a plate of Santa's favorite cookies (Oreos, of course).
Autumn's wish list for Santa had not deviated at all in the past months . . . she wanted a pink kitty and a purple puppy. These were the two gifts that Santa made sure to drop off in Virginia.

She was thrilled by the doctor set from Grandma Ranson and had to use it right away.

Gavin even joined in the festivities and found a favorite toy among all the presents.

So . . . what could be wrong with this wonderful day? See below. My sister's little girl, Eva, decided only a few days before Christmas that she needed a "real" kitty. She drew pictures of Santa picking out her kitty (from a sack-full of kitties, funny enough) and bringing it to her house. I did convince my sister and brother-in-law to make the "real" kitty the last gift of Christmas . . . since I knew what was going to happen. Autumn's pink kitty was "one-upped." Hers "didn't walk." And, to make matters worse . . . Autumn adores kitties . . . or better said, she OBSESSES about kitties. It was all she could think of 24/7 during our visit. The first thing she thought of when we pulled in the driveway or got up in the morning . . . that poor kitty never had a chance. Jeff and I have never yelled, used time-outs, pleaded or bribed more . . . begging Autumn to not pick up the kitty (not because we don't love kitties - but, because a 2-yr-old picks up a kitty most often by its neck). We love our family and love being with family during the holidays . . . but, have decided that Christmas day will from here forward be spent at home.

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  1. Is this why you guys didn't come over and let Autumn play with our kitty?!?! That was a pretty funny story!! Oh, and that "real kitty" looks scary! Just tell Autumn that kitties are over rated because Sherry said so and she'll understand when she's older! lol.. =)