Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Beloved Binkie

For all those that want to judge and criticize the fact that my three-year-old still has her binkie . . . let me give you some insight. Autumn is still napping, but not every day. On the days when she opts out of her afternoon nap, you can imagine how tired (and cranky) she is at night. Monday was a prime example. The other thing to note is that Autumn does not like to have her teeth brushed. So, on a very tired, cranky night, I made the mistake of suggesting she brush her teeth and then just as quickly decided against it. Daddy stepped in, though, as to not be on the losing end of a power struggle, and insisted. One thing led to another . . . there was some whining, screaming and hitting . . . and Jeff took her binkie away . . . which led to more whining, screaming and then kicking.

A full hour later . . . full of whining, screaming, hitting and kicking . . . an exhausted and weary Autumn finally agreed to have her teeth brushed to win back her prized binkie. Literally two seconds after she popped the binkie in her mouth, she was fast asleep. As if all the tears were not enough . . . here are a few things she repeated during the ordeal:

Autumn: "Daddy, can I please, please, please have my binkie back?"
Daddy: "Yes - as soon as we brush your teeth."
A: "Where is it?"
D: "In my room."
A: "Is it up high?"
D: "No."
A: "What color is it?"
D: "Pink."
A: "Can I see it?"
D: "After you brush your teeth."
A: "Can I touch it?"

It was too much for me. I had to go all the way downstairs so that I couldn't hear - and then had to deal with the guilt of feeling like I abandoned her. Yes, I know I have issues. Yes, I know I'm weak. But, I welcome anyone to come over to my house and wrangle that binkie away from her. I'll be in the bathtub with ear plugs in. Good luck.


  1. Awwww, Karen. She will let go on her own one day. I had another friend whose kid went to kindergarten with one and one day she came home and said she was done with it, because she heard they were for babies only and now they are big kids since they go to school.
    And as for the story, I am sure its not meant to be amusing, but I couldnt help but laugh, I just love hearing others ordeals, it just makes me feel better about my own, in the fact that I am not the only one with a kicking and screaming child over addictions.

  2. WOW... I thought this story was HILARIOUS!!!Love it... LOL...
    I'm soo glad you post stuff like this because this is reality you know? I can't wait to go home and show this to Jory, he'll love it too! =)

  3. Don't worry, Anita. It was definitely a funny story to share. Her questions were killing me . . . sad during the moment . . . but, so cute in the end. I love my neighbor's advice . . . "she won't have it forever - so, just don't worry about it."
    To be honest, my only concern is whether or not it's affecting her teeth. She's doomed to braces anyway if she has my teeth . . . so, I suppose it will work out in the end. If it makes her happy . . . :)

  4. I hear ya! I feel like I am taking away Aiden's best friend when I take his bikie and to be honest life is so much easier with it. Let me know if you find a good way to say goodbye for both you and her :).