Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Picnic and "Girl" Cheese

Life seems to run smoother and I seem to accomplish more with my job when Jeff is home with me and the kids during the week. I'm sure it sounds counterproductive, but to have them there in the house with me while I work seems to help me focus. I can be diligent at work knowing that I will take a lunch break with my very favorite people (Autumn says I'm her "best friend" - and I feel the same . . . although I have heard her make the same claim to Jeff . . . hmmmmm). It seemed like a perfect Fall day for grilled cheese and "pink" soup (aka tomato soup).
Autumn was playing outside while I made lunch. When Jeff came out to join her, she ran up to him and was so excited.
This is what she said . . . "Daddy, daddy, we're going to have a pic-a-nic. Mommy's making me a "girl" cheese sandwich. Are you going to have a boy cheese sandwich"?
It's little moments like this when I wish I could hold Autumn so tight that I could save the words she says, the raw excitement in her eyes, her innocent mistakes and everything about her forever. Sitting under her playset at her tiny picnic table with the whole family, eating "girl" cheese and pink soup, picking out the red trees on the mountains . . . there is absolutely nothing better in life. This is what I live for.

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