Tuesday, October 23, 2007


When people hear our daughter's name, they inevitably ask, "Was she born in the fall?" And I always laugh a little when I tell them that she was born in February. And, there are lots of reasons why she was given that name . . . because when I was just a few months pregnant and proposing name after name on an exhaustive list . . . it was the first name that gave me a little shiver. It was the first name that I feared a negative response from Jeff and immediately felt so relieved and excited when he said he liked it. And, because I adore Autumn . . . even before Autumn became our Autumn.
At this time of year, I get a little thrill from just stepping outside. The crispness and chill in the air urges me to stop for a deep inhale everytime, no matter how late I am. The canyon is alive and I seem to notice a small waterfall or bridge that I've never noticed before - even though I tend to be less than observant. At this time of year, I feel the kind of excitement I get when I am especially missing Jeff and I count the minutes until he arrives, check my reflection more than once and dab on some lip gloss with good intentions.
I am so lucky in life to still get butterflies over a man that I knew I would like by just seeing his picture, to feel giddy when seasons change and leaves turn colors, and to know that day after day and year after year those feelings will not change. Some people 'stop to smell the roses' (I actually make this a rule), some people get into the Christmas spirit (me, too), and some find various hobbies to enjoy . . . but, it seems that too many people view all of this as a distraction along their road. Our lives move by us with every turn of the clock . . . and I, too, sometimes let this happen. So, I thank Autumn for being the moment in the cycle of nature that slows me down to look around. I live for picking out a pumpkin, cheering for my favorite football team, for a drive in the mountains, for a warm sweatshirt, and for snuggling with my family by the fire. Looking at our Autumn incites these same feelings with new memories created everyday.
We are so lucky to have Autumn . . . and all the emotions that signify her name . . . in our lives.


  1. Well geez Karen, that was downright poetic. What a beautiful explanation for her name. I love the lipgloss and checking your reflection comment. I do the same thing. Jeff and Juston are lucky dogs! ;)

  2. Well, thanks . . . I had a random urge to write far too late in the night. It's my super cheesy side :) And, boy howdy . . . those boys ARE lucky . . . brilliant, independent beautiful wives and amazing moms.