Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Discovery Gateway

Over the weekend, we decided to take the family to Salt Lake City so that the adults could play at the Apple Store and Autumn and Gavin could play at Discovery Gateway. I wasn't even aware of the place until my friend, Becky, took her kids a few weeks ago. It is so cool . . . from a miniature grocery store to a play house and science experiments to a mini studio where you can make your own mini movie or pretend like you are a news anchor . . . amazing. Autumn loved it. For the part that Gavin was awake, he was pretty mesmerized by the zillion kids running around and all the colors to see.

One of Autumn's favorite parts was seeing Robbie, the Robot. Once he came into the room, we said hello, gave him "five", took a picture . . . and then quietly and sweetly stalked him until he went back to his Robot home to eat lunch and take a nap (well . . . that's what we told her in a futile attempt to convince her it was lunchtime/naptime for everyone).

After the Discovery Gateway, we walked to Ztejas, a favorite restaurant in SLC. Jeff and I highly recommend the mac 'n cheese with chicken and the chicken stack . . . yummmmmmy. It was rainy and cold at an outdoor mall . . . but, it was such a fun day with the family.

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