Saturday, September 8, 2007

Uh oh . . . a picky eater??

The new theory in medicine is to wait until a child is a full six months old before giving anything other than milk. This was confirmed in the Spina Bifida Clinic . . . so, we were pleased that our first few attempts at rice cereal were met with curiosity and a willing little boy. Gavin has seemed really interested in what we're eating and drinking for quite a while. I checked back in Autumn's first year journal - and she was actually drinking milk from a cup at this point (and - no - I'm not trying to enforce competition between my two kids!). But, truly, there hasn't been a food that Autumn has resisted. So, imagine our concern as Gavin has started gagging at anything (we've tried pears, carrots, rice cereal and barley) . . . as soon as it comes NEAR his little mouth. Real, physical gagging! This one is going to be a tough cookie . . . (hmmm . . .maybe I should try cookies) . . .

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  1. That's how Mia was. We finally discovered that she LOVED bananas and she lived on them for quite a while. Good luck! :)