Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Camping at Fish Lake with the Family

The days before our trip were pretty stressful for me at work. We almost had to cancel the trip and then had to delay our departure so that I could finish some projects. The beauty (and stress) of Fish Lake is that there is no cell phone coverage (and therefore no access to email) for miles around. We went down with our friends, Aaron and Becky, and their 2 kids and young baby. Jeff and Aaron got to ride their dirt bikes on the trails (they are like giddy little boys STILL about those bikes) and Becky and I even got in a really awesome ride on the ATVs up and down a mountain and over and through a river. It seemed like it took at least half a day before I could actually relax . . . but, after all of the packing and driving was done, I remembered why I've always loved camping.

Little Gavin was an angel as always during the days. He'd hang out in the swing and watch the other kids run around, play with his toys and generally stay as cute and cozy as possible. He wasn't lacking for attention between looking so adorable and having so many people around!

Autumn is fearless when it comes to climbing, jumping, riding her bike or 4-wheeler. We borrowed this one from Corbin (since he and Breeanna have graduated to the gas-powered versions) so that Autumn wouldn't feel left out. She didn't hesitate to drive full-force down and up the hills, smiling and squealing the whole time. Jeff and I told her that when she put all her pee pee in the potty that we'd buy her one just like it . . . and, of course, her response was what has become her very favorite word . . . "Why?"
*Even when we are reading at night, at the end of every page she says, "why?" I used to go into detail about explaining every page. Now, I've learned to just keep reading.*

Autumn loved to walk down from our campsite and pet the horses. They were the friendliest horses and colts around and a good chance for us to teach Autumn how mothers protect their babies. We asked the horse to stand in for Jeff since he was taking the picture.

So, this was my first time ever staying in a trailer. I don't think I'd even really walked into one in the past - especially not one like this. The Hickens borrowed a toy hauler from their friend . . . and although I have always loved and been completely satisfied staying in a tent, this was definitely a step up. It was so incredibly nice and convenient . . . and gave Jeff yet another idea of a toy he wants to have. Warm running water, a microwave, a stereo, a TV . . . it's almost like it wasn't camping . . . which is exactly what Autumn said when we got there. She cried the first night saying, "We're not camping. Where's the tent?" Apparently in Autumn's view, the only time we were actually "camping" was when we were sitting around the campfire. She's probably right . . . what happened to those days when I used to filter my own drinking water!? Ahhhh . . . but, it sure was nice in that trailer.

With so much going on and so many people around, Autumn didn't get her usual naps in. So, before we even got out of Fish Lake, this is what she looked like in the truck . . .


  1. Looks like fun...I wish we could have gone this year. So, how were the bugs?

    FYI-Juston bought me a blaster today, so I think we need to have a "girls riding night" one of these evenings! :)

  2. Wow... I have an overwhelming disire to go camping now! Esp now that it's FALL!!

  3. Karen, Autumn is so beautiful even with all the dirt, its been a long time since I have seen her, and Gavin is so darling and getting so big, how fun... your family is so cute.