Friday, January 27, 2012

We're Home

Finally . . .
I can't tell you how happy I am to be in our new home.  Honestly, it probably has less to do with being in this house and more to do with our family being together again.  Jeff was gone all the time working on the house.  Every day was hectic between babysitters and double shifts for Jeff and a lack of consistency in our schedule that was maddening for me. 
Don't get me wrong.  I love the house.  I love knowing we are finally home.  I don't care that we have boxes and bags everywhere to unload.  We are HOME.  And, we don't have to move again . . . maybe ever!  But, I have just reconfirmed to myself that I am one of those people that cherish time with my husband and my family.  I need a daily dose of Jeff.  Not a passing-in-the-night kind of romance.

As I type, Jeff is running around at 11:15pm working on various house projects with power tools.  But, he is HERE with me and our sweet sleeping babies. 

Ahhhhhhh . . .

Lots has been happening.  And, I put all sorts of pressure on myself not to update the blog until I have pictures ready or posts ready to launch in order.  But, I'm kind of crazy.  So, I'm trying to ignore myself and just live in the moment.

I will post pictures of the house.  I will most definitely share all the details of our sweet Baby G's first birthday.  In the meantime, here are a few random updates:

Gage has been deemed 'The Inspector.'  Man, he is an amazing eater.  He was insistent about feeding himself months and months ago.  I haven't found anything he doesn't like - if he can pick it up himself.  But, when we introduce that first bite of anything to him . . . you should see the way he tilts his head back and almost crosses his eyes to get a good solid look at the foreign food object before he puts it in his mouth.  Happens every time.  Hilarious.

Gavin is still fascinated with all of his super hero costumes that Santa brought him for Christmas.  He'd be happy to change clothes every 15 minutes sometimes.  He also wrote me a sweet little 'I miss you' card when I had to spend a night out of town for work.  Jeff said he was super pumped to give it to me.  It melted my heart.  Daddy is the obvious favorite around here for Gavin.  So, I love to feel loved.

Autumn is just a few days away from her 7th birthday (*sob*).  She is so much fun to hang out with and talk to at night.  I use her as my fashion consultant.  I think she's already surpassed my sense of style.  Although she'll be the first to let me know that she's not that interested in helping around the house ("No thanks, Mom") - when she decides to do something on her own . . . it's amazing.  Autumn decided to clean her room and make her bed everyday when we moved in.  She organized all of her 'special things' on her bookcase.  Yes, she's emotional (she is a girl).  But, she is amazing.

#4 is an active little guy . . . which I love.  This pregnancy is flying by.  Too fast.  I want to enjoy it.  I want to finally write in one of the many pregnancy journals I've bought over the years (each one has 2-3 pages filled out).

But, time is just marching ahead.  I'll do my best to live in the moment and enjoy every second.


  1. I am so happy to read all the good news about your family. I miss all of you .
    Also you are always so positive about life, and I love it.
    We also dream of a "Home" one day, one day,... So enjoy it!

  2. Can't wait to see pictures of your new place. I'm still reeling from your pregnancy news, I'm so happy you guys will have a home that will match your needs. We miss you guys...hopefully we can come visit you soon!