Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of First Grade!!

Autumn has had a lot of 'first days of school' already.  One for preschool in Canada.  One each for Junior and then Senior kindergarten in Canada.  Another yet for the 2nd half of standard kindergarten in Heber, when we moved home.

And, now first grade!!!

Autumn handled the experience like an old pro.  Because she is now starting at the school within the boundaries of our house-in-progress, we will be driving her to school until we move in . . . whenever that is!

I worked from home so I could be part of the whole family trip to take her to school on her first day.  I was lucky enough to be able to walk her in.  And, I was waiting to pick her up and hear all about her day when she was done.  Those are days I wouldn't trade for anything.

And, then I made some special '1st grade' Jello jigglers to celebrate!  They were a hit.  I just wish I would have taken pictures of her gobbling them down.

A little about Autumn . . .

Autumn is as artistic as ever.  She still loves to draw, make jewelry, color, paint and invent new crafts.  And still, along with her artistic nature comes all of the passion and drama you might expect.  Her mood can change within seconds.  

Although she would rather not take the time to learn the notes on the staff, she can memorize piano music that is far beyond her current level.  She composes music, memorizes everything, and writes songs.

She is always being silly and trying to make other people laugh.  She hasn't perfected her sense of humor though, and we are constantly reminding her that what might be funny the first time, probably isn't as funny the fifth time!

Although she acts crazy and is more outgoing than ever in some ways, she is incredibly shy and sensitive.  She goes out of her way all the time, trying to make friends or talk to neighbors that are older than her.  And, my heart sinks when they ignore her.  We are always hoping that Autumn is a good friend and makes good friends.   

When she gets in trouble, she tends to try to make people laugh (which usually doesn't go over too well).  And, she gets terribly embarrassed when being reprimanded.

Although Autumn and Gavin sometimes fight like other typical siblings, Autumn has been handed a very heavy responsibility in caring for her brother.  And, she is so tender and thoughtful of him and his needs. 

Autumn has her own sense of style . . . and is very concerned about being modest and private.

She adores animals - especially kittens - but, will hold, capture, keep and love any animal that comes her way . . . from bugs to snakes to birds to house pets.  Nothing makes her happier than getting to ride a horse.  She's a natural cowgirl.

Autumn is a wild little daredevil.  She has quickly progressed on her dirt bike and loves her little snowmobile, too.  She learned to ice skate in Canada and is learning quickly how to roller blade.  She is learning to be a great little swimmer.  And, is the first to tell me how she doesn't need help with any of her activities.  Her overconfidence is fantastic . . . but, sometimes a concern.

She is currently very into Space and can tell you all about what happened to Pluto, how long small and big stars live and how she wants to be an astronaut one day.

We end most nights thinking of new ways to express how much we love each other . . . more than there are grains of sand, more than drops of water in the ocean, more than the number of stars in the sky.

But, most of all . . . despite her sassy attitude and her wild behavior and her sometimes awkward sense of humor, Autumn is kind and sincere.  I love spending one-on-one time with her, when she finally opens up to me about her thoughts and questions.  She makes me laugh constantly.  Nothing makes me happier than her laugh and her smile.

She is our beautiful little brown-eyed girl.

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  1. I loved reading this post. Congratulations on being a first grader, Autumn! Autumn is such a sweet girl.