Sunday, April 3, 2011

Moab | Red rocks and snow-capped mountains

Before last week, Jeff and I had never visited Moab.  Ever.  I've lived in Utah for 8 years and Jeff has been here even longer.  But, luckily for us, the Sandbergs changed that for us.

They invited us along for a three day trip down to the beautiful red rocks.  We missed the Sandbergs while we were in Canada.  They are officially the first couple friend that we made as a couple.  So, they are special.  

They are also adventurous and funny and in fabulous shape.  So, while Jeff packed Gavin three miles to and from the Delicate Arch and I packed Gage, Rachel was packing her four-year-old . . . and occasionally Autumn or her six-year-old . . . and never breaking a sweat.  Apparently you get in shape when you work out.  Hmmm . . . 

The weather was beautiful, the company was fabulous and the landscape was breath-taking.

We will definitely be making more trips down to Moab.

Our first glimpse of the beautiful Delicate Arch.  

Autumn had a moment of grouchiness when I stopped her from running to the Arch herself (and tumbling down the ravine).  She is fearless.  So, my hesitation didn't make sense to her at all.

I'm sure half the people that saw me didn't realize I had a little baby under that wrap.  But, they were definitely wondering.  I kept him covered . . . and he took a nice long snooze.

Me, Rachel, Gage and a few strangers.

Me and my man.

I am completely in love with little Emma.  Seriously, she is so sweet and funny.  She's just a few months older than Gavin.  So, maybe there's a future for them.

Our first family picture with Gage.  

Another family picture with the whole Arch.  It proves just how big the Delicate Arch really is.

Gage coming up for some air and sun.  He is such a good baby.  Seriously.

Queen of the Mountain.

These adventurous girls never miss a chance to climb and explore.  Mia is a trooper.  She marched ahead the whole time and didn't complain one single time.

Mia obviously gets her adventurous side from her daddy, Juston.

The Balanced Rock.

Self-portrait.  Jeff's slightly crooked arm is at just the right angle to take a perfect shot.

Red rocks and snow-capped mountains.

Autumn and Emma and the Balanced Rock.


  1. Looks like you had so much fun. Gage is so adorable!

  2. Yeah!!! A new post! Looks like you guys had so much fun! I have never been there either-but I may have to change my ways of life! I love these pics of your cute family!

  3. Yeah for Moab! We love you guys. When is the next trip and where are we going???? :)