Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Traditional Labor Day Donuts

Are you not familiar with traditional Labor Day donuts?  Well, it's likely a Peterson household invention.  A sly way of feeling good about making homemade donuts by tying it to a random holiday.  Besides, Labor Day is the kind of holiday that could use a sugary start!

I'm a huge fan of family traditions - however big or small.  We picked homemade donuts . . . and we're sticking to them!  And, oh my . . . they are delicious . . . especially with homemade chocolate frosting.

And yes . . . we do have a 'first day of school' celebration cake tradition as well.  Clearly I wasn't thinking of the proximity of Labor Day to the first day of school when we brainstormed these traditions!

Nevertheless, everyone at our house was all smiles for a few days (until I remembered how much chocolate leads to heartburn when I'm pregnant . . . ouch).

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  1. Pregnant? That is so exciting! Congratulations! Your children are BEAUTIFUL! Home made doughnuts! Yum! You can never go wrong with Chocolate, or doughnuts! :)