Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Highs and Lows

I just got off the phone with my boss and the CFO of my company. It's 10pm my time and 10am their time in China. I presented two proposals for reforecasting the 2010 marketing budget. My business (the Canadian site) is performing incredibly well this year - beyond all expectations. So, this is the 5th time I have reforecasted spend for 2010 because we keep investing to support the phenomenal response. In comparison, we budgeted and reforecasted for all of 2009 only 3 times. And, it's only March. It's good news overall. But, budgeting/forecasting is incredibly time-consuming if done well. And, I'm a perfectionist. Seriously, I annoy myself because of it.

I literally spent all day Friday (because I was on vacation earlier in the week), time over the weekend, all day yesterday - break for dinner and kids' bedtime - and then worked again until 1am. I was back at the office by 7:30am this morning and emailed the presentation at 3pm today - when I finally stopped to have 'lunch' (or a banana with peanut butter).

I arrived home just before 6pm since I had plenty of other work to do that had been neglected. Ate dinner. Had a cute little FHE with the kids that was delayed from yesterday. Got back online and ready for my 10pm call.

And . . . wait for it . . . the one thing they wanted me to focus on (April forecasting) was the only thing I didn't do. I had already received incremental money for April - so, I spent all of my time on May-December. I was looking back through emails while presenting - to see how I misunderstood the assignment. Anyway . . . the details don't matter. It's confusing anyway.

The bottom line is . . . all of that work . . . all of that time. Spreadsheets, models, presentations, manipulating numbers, haggling with agencies . . .

They laughed and said that I was ahead of the curve . . . that total 2010 reforecasting would be due in two weeks anyway.

We - on the spot - made a decision for April in 5 minutes.

It didn't matter at that point . . . I still felt like a complete

Honestly, it's just amazing to me how a grown woman, a 'Career Woman' (ha ha), can experience the same emotions that you feel when you are sent to the Principal's office (which is a terrible example for me since I was such a goody two shoes back in the day). But, it's that same mixture of disappointment, annoyance, concerns, etc., etc.

I've had much worse happen at work. Much more stressful times. Much more worrying.

This isn't that bad. They didn't really care. But, I don't get my weekend back. I won't get my sleep back (I never had that in the first place). And, I felt like an idiot in front of the new CFO.


So, that's a great day in the life of a working mom. Not too different from anyone else really. Not exceptional. Just an example.

Isn't it funny how different all of our lives are? I tell Jeff all the time . . . even though our lives are one . . . we live completely different experiences during the day. Everyone does.

I guess that's why I've found myself recently reading blogs on other people's lives . . . women I don't even know that are stay-at-home parents . . . instead of posting about my own life. I am intrigued by the life that other women lead. Not comparing . . . never comparing. I'm not saying one is harder or more stressful or more rewarding or any other impossible measure. It would never be acceptable for a working man to make this comparison . . . and I wouldn't either . . . and I've been on both sides. I can say there are times that the grass looks greener . . . from both sides.

There are just not many other women that I know personally that share my working experiences right now. For sure, in a tight-knit LDS community, it's a rarity. But, there are a few . . . several that read this blog. It's just that you don't see a lot of blogs out there from full-time working moms documenting their working life.

After my 'Career Woman' post - Jeff and I joked about me starting up a blog that would share all the details of my working day since I seem to be obsessed with reading about the daily details of stay-at-home moms' lives. I don't think there would be a lot of readers.

I'll try get back to posting about kids and family and all that stuff, too. No promises. I'm pretty obsessed right now.


  1. Oh, what to even say...I just know that you are amazing that you can be a career woman. I wasn't cut out for that at all and you...were! AND..You are a great mom too and make the time for your family. Just wish you were here so we could go out on weekends, have "late nights" and talk, and get you away from it all, because even most working men at least get that right. ONE more year, you can do it...you are amazing!

  2. gotta say, whenever I read about your other full time job (outside your home) I get a little jealous because staying at home is kind of hard for me, but then I realize if I worked full time I'd still have to be the mom and that would be even harder. I admire you and all you can do!!!!

  3. Oh my dearest Karen. I am one of those of which you speak. I totally understand and know exactly what you are thinking / feeling...well at least I think I do. I would totally read your blog about your working life. I would be your #1 fan...oh wait, I already am. Bwaahaha, anywho I think you are an incredible career woman, mother, wife & friend. So though you may not have it all together, together you have it all! Love ya.

  4. Ditto to all the other comments. Come home soon! Loves!