Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ode to Gavin

Gavin is going to turn three in just over a month. And, that's so hard to comprehend. It doesn't seem too long ago that the adventure began - everything is still very fresh in my mind. But, I think an even bigger factor is that the fact that Gavin has always seemed younger than he is. You would expect a little boy of almost three to be running all around the house causing mischief. Gavin's mischief is all vocal. He has basically one volume - super loud. And, he's quite witty, always laughing at himself and asking, "that make you laugh?"

It's typically hard to keep a toddler contained. But, Gavin is not your typical toddler.

We strive to enable Gavin to do all the things you would expect a little boy to do. But, it's much harder than you might expect. You can't help but feel flat out mean when you confine him to a stroller for a whole afternoon out. I have somehow come to terms with the disgusting floors that he crawls across. And, it's not the multiples of pants that he goes through crawling across the ground (sometimes a new pair in one day) - it's the knees underneath that can't be easily replaced with $10. I too often feel as though I have become the ironic obstacle to his physical progression.

At the playground, he's slowly moved from being an inquisitive child at the slide to a shy little boy on the sidelines. And, it's heart-breaking. Even at a McDonald's Playland, kids trample him and then he sits out.

So, we continue to struggle to know what is best and how to make life 'normal' for a very special little boy.


  1. he is the cutest boy around, and your right, hes not your typical boy, hes gavin, smart and strong. i love it.

  2. He is soooo freakin cute! I LOVE all the different facial expressions he's making. Jory is going to LOVE this post!

  3. The pic where jeff is putting on his tie he has Karen's "look" and Jeff's funny! "Dad, i don't want to wear a tie!"

  4. he has "grown up" so much these last few months, he is a such a sweetie.

  5. I love him! Look at those eyes, could they be more handsome? What a stud he is and I am so glad I know him & you!