Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kisses and Tears

I made the mistake of bringing home two single candy cane kisses to my sweet little children yesterday. Jeff's truck has been in the shop for the last few weeks (apparently that big old diesel beast protests to city driving) and we have been sharing just one car - in typical Canada style (we are the only people we know with two cars) . . . so, the incident began in the truck on the way home.

Autumn ate her kiss happily in a few seconds flat and was ready for more. Gavin appreciated the kiss but had no interest in eating it . . . or sharing it . . . or giving it back. I somehow forgot that my candy-obsessed little man will only eat chocolate that looks like chocolate. And, it was driving Autumn crazy that she couldn't eat his, too . . . and the more it drove her crazy, the more pleased and adamant Gavin became.

So, when we finally arrived at home (after much screaming and crying from Autumn), she was sent straight to her bedroom. Little Gavin crawled right behind her, kiss melting and mushed in his hand. Jeff and I hurried back to prevent Gavin from teasing and Autumn from possibly resorting to physical tactics and heard this conversation (we can assume that Gavin's answer to everything was shaking his head 'no'):

A: Gavin, are you going to eat that?
A: Well, if you aren't going to eat it, will you please share it with me?
A: I'm really sad, Gavin. Can't you see my sad tears?
A: Ok, then . . . I'm going to get even sadder.

And, then she burst into hysterical and exaggerated crying.

Can't you see my sad tears!!?? Seriously . . . we give her an A for effort.


  1. Lol! That is funny stuff. Thanks for sharing because I need to get prepared for the dramatics of little girls. Although I don't blame her, I LOVE those kisses!

  2. HA HA HA HA HA HA.... That was HILARIOUS!! Oh how I miss you and your family!! **sniff, sniff..**
    PS-Those kisses look delish, I don't blame Autumn one bit! Lol..

  3. Clint and I shared a good laugh. Leave it to your kids to provide the entertainment. We miss you!

  4. THat is so funny....girls really are so dramatic and it's funny how early kids learn to tease. I love it!!

  5. Can I get your address??? Thanks so much! Hope you are all doing well!