Saturday, October 20, 2012

BYU Game

I had a great experience at BYU for grad school.  Jeff and I went to football games, volleyball games and even World of Dance and more.  It was awesome to take advantage of all that a university has to offer.

And, I'll be honest . . . I more than secretly hope that we can instill a devotion to BYU in our kids.  Yes, I didn't stay home and go to the local college in Virginia either.  But, think . . . they have a choice of locations from Provo to Idaho to Hawaii with BYU!  And, yes . . . absolutely . . . the most important point is that they have a love for learning and a desire to continue in their education to earn a bachelor's degree.  Even if it's not BYU.  Still . . . no harm in getting the kids excited about all that universities have to offer.

And, at our house . . . a great way to get any one's attention is . . . FOOTBALL!

I had already found a daytime game in the schedule that would be perfect for taking the kids.  And, we were incredibly lucky to have friends that sponsored the game through Les Shwab and offered us tickets.  I did actually try to find a sitter for Gage - knowing that sitting in the bleachers for a few hours wasn't going to be his style.  But, my list is super short - and the two options that I called couldn't help out.

So . . . we headed to the game with all four kids in tow . . . fully geared up in our BYU garb (excluding Jeff who was making fun of us a bit).  I told him we would blend right in once we got to the game and I was right.

Local BYU fans are hard core.

I was able to sit down in our seats with the whole family for roughly 10-15 minutes the whole game.  Jeff chased Gage around during this time until I decided to take him and Garrett to the inside of the stadium/behind the bleachers and walk around.

Yes, I missed the whole game.  Yes, I'm the biggest BYU fan in the family.

But, you know what?  I wanted these little precious babies.  And, this is where I am in life right now . . . putting the needs of these wee angels first.

I didn't have one second of regret as I carried Garrett around in his comfortable sling and walked around holding little Gage's hand.  I watched him chase a basketball around and interact with the much older kids that were attempting to make a few baskets.

We climbed into more than one of the golf cart-type vehicles used for transporting BYU food and goods.  Yes, I'm sure that wasn't actually condoned behavior . . . but, Gage thought it was the coolest thing ever.

The game was awesome.  And, I didn't even get to watch it.

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