Friday, November 5, 2010

Too much for a pregnant woman

Earlier tonight we were having one of our most successful family movie nights to date.  Everyone was happy.  We all cuddled together on the couch for the entire movie.  Very cute.  Made a tired mommy very happy.  And, then Autumn asked how long until we moved back home.

Less than six weeks.


My eyes got teary.  Jeff rolled his eyes at my teary eyes.

We put the kids to bed and Jeff headed off to play late night ice hockey.  I reminded him that he was going to miss ice hockey when we move back home.  But, nothing rattles that man.  He's convinced he'll have no problem finding a place to play.

And, then my boss called to tell me that the candidate I put forward to replace me was a winner.  They're extending him an offer . . . for my job.

I told him that I fully agreed with the decision.  But, expecting a pregnant woman to move to a different rental home (again) in a different country, kind of miss Christmas as we travel, recruit, hire and then train my replacement for a job I love, change jobs and then have a baby . . . it's all kind of indecent.  I, unfortunately, have no one to blame but me.  At some point a few months back, Jeff and I agreed that this was the right decision for our family.

Since then we've been disappointed with some of the options we've discovered at the National Ability Center in Park City - one of the reasons we felt a move back to Heber was ideal.  Go figure that after two years of everything being more expensive in Canada . . . everything to do with recreational therapy and ice hockey is more expensive back in Utah.  How is that fair?

So, back to packing . . . back to more transitions . . . back to another home that we don't own . . .

I know that once we are settled back in Utah that I will feel differently.  I know that we will have a new little baby to welcome to our family.  I hope that my boss was right when he emphasized that they will have an interesting position waiting for me back home.

And, after a while, we may feel like we never left in the first place.  Unfortunately, that's one of the parts I'm having the most difficulty with.  These 2 1/2 years have been just a little blip in time.  I don't want to feel like these years just evaporated.

I get overly sentimental - I always have (hence why I was most upset of the family when we left the magic of Disney World and why I shed a tear at the concert when Darius Rucker sang 'It won't be like this for long').  Jeff says I have a tendency to look backwards all the time with some form of regret somewhere . . . and, he's right.  So, imagine my mood as a 7-month pregnant lady.  Good times.  Good times.


  1. its WAY too much! but Karen you will get through this tough transition and life will resume some normalcy soon. We will miss you guys so much, and we can't wait to come and visit.
    Hugs to you...

  2. My poor Karen. That is too much to have going on, and even more so for a pregnant woman! You are so amazing and always find a way to make everything work. I admire you and your ability to manage so many things. I am overly excited that you are coming back! I totally do the same thing as you do. I can't let time pass with out reflecting on the things I should have done, the wonderful memories and trying to figure out what I should have learned from all of it. Things will fall into place and all somehow work out. Hurray, Karen's coming to Utah!! Love ya!

  3. Sending loves and hugs. We are excited you are coming back, but I get that you are feeling a bit emotional about it. There will be some changes, but we are here to help!

  4. I am horrible with change and transition, I moved 6 miles away and cried for the first year (not really but almost), you'll get through this and we'll be here to help. I can't wait for you to be back and to welcome your new little baby and let the kids play (and definitely for some girl time). Call me if you need to talk...I'll help you get excited! :)