Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Family Photo

When we were in Utah a few weeks ago, Sherry took our annual family photos. And, as always . . . she's amazing at both the photography and working with a bunch of unwilling models. Believe it or not, Gavin was the trouble-maker this time around. And, Jory was working and wasn't there to make him laugh.

Thank you Becky for making Autumn's hair so cute. It's the reason Autumn says, "Only Becky can fix my hair, Mommy. Not you." Shame we live in different countries!

More to come on these photos and the whole near-month trip.

Thank you, Sher!!


  1. How HOT do you look!? Seriously, such a cute pic of everyone. Gavin's eyes are to die for.

  2. I love the picture! You all look great!

  3. Love them! Beautiful family=beautiful pictures!

  4. I want Autumn's hair. Where's my Becky?