Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I love House

Despite the large, looming TVs scattered throughout our house, those who know us well realize that Jeff and I are not big TV watchers. We love our football and other sports. Only one show carried over to this season ...The Office. I record The Biggest Loser and So You Think You Can Dance and watch those occasionally, too. Those are new.

When Jeff and the kids were away for the two week period while I was launching the new Census Collection for Ancestry in June, I found myself home no earlier than 9 or 10pm, eating my leftover pizza or crackers/hummus nightly dinner . . . and watching House reruns at 11pm every night with my computer on my lap, finishing up work for the day.

And, now I'm addicted. I love it. AND . . . wait for it . . . Jeff loves it, too!

I joke with Jeff that the reason he likes the show is that he identifies himself with the main character - known for being brutally honest, arrogant, and unforgiving of 'stupid people' (that's Jeff's quote - not House's). Of course, House is totally intriguing and brilliant and amazing . . .as is my man. For those who know Jeff . . . and those who have watched the show . . . you'll get what I mean.

Last night's episode was intense. I think I have a crush on Chase. I have a soft spot for any man that adores his wife. And, he's certainly not harsh on the eyes.


  1. LOL!! I love this show too, but Jor HATES it and refuses to let me watch it. However... if you ever met my brother, he'd remind you of House as well-same characteristics and all. Even the BIG EYES! ;)

  2. We love House too!! I haven't started watching it yet this season though so I had better get on it.