Monday, April 6, 2009

Disability Tax Credit no more . . .

Okay . . . this is not the fun blog post about my beautiful family, or me falling down the steps on Friday while carrying Gavin (he's fine, btw), or even how crazy work is . . . this is just a pure rant.

I found out today that Utah canceled the Disability Tax credit that Gavin received for one year - in 2007. Come on, people!! Gavin qualifies for nothing. zero. zip. Not one penny of support for all of the equipment he needs (yes, think $1500 for each pair of ankle braces that he will wear for life, $1300 for each CT scan, and $1500 for his stander - just to name a few). And, Jeff and I are incredibly blessed that we prioritize and can afford these expenses. But, we work hard, darnit, and make a lot of sacrifices. So, I won't even get started on the mooching idiots that use my tax dollars to pay for their needs. I know there are people who truly need it, deserve it and are working hard, too. I'm not talking about them. But . . . ooooooo . . . this is just one more example of idiotic legislatures.

And, to be honest, the tax credit was SMALL . . . literally a few hundred dollars. Whatever. I am angry at Utah today.

Utah 0 - Canada 1


  1. Boo for Utah :(. One would think with as many kids as we have here they would be smart enough to keep that tax credit. I am sorry, if you want me to picket somewhere let me know.

  2. How rude! Does this mean that you're thinking about staying in Canada longer? There are at least a few people who wouldn't mind!

  3. I am angry right with you.. A bunch of bull if you ask me.

  4. Yeah, well I feel like streaking through the IRS wearing nothing but my little Canadien Flag! I'm SOOO angry about all this tax crap and I'm angry about your situation with Gavin. NOT fair!
    I'll always have Canada though-can't wait to see you guys next week!