Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My excuses . . .

I want to confirm that I am not giving up on blogging. I'm coming back. And, I'll even make up some time . . . unfortunately, our Mac has literally 10s of thousands of huge pictures on it. So many that our poor computer is not cooperating anymore. I can't even describe the frustrations of the process involved with trying to extract the pictures from our camera to the Mac and then off to another computer with a workable (and tolerable) internet speed. Truly peeps . . . the Internet doesn't even respond on the poor Apple.

Let me be a warning to all of you moms out there that refuse to delete any picture of your little kiddies because you feel like every little moment and expression is one to be remembered forever. Soon those pictures will become Mt. Everest to you . . . scrapbooking, printing photos, and photo albums are all a thing of the past right now.

Anyway . . . faithful blog readers . . . stick with me.


  1. yea, i'm so glad to know you are still going to continue blogging! miss you and your sweet family!