Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

For a while, when I would ask Autumn if she was Mommy's girl, she would say, "No, I'm Daddy's girl." I assured her that she was in Mommy's tummy . . . but, then decided that I would spare all the details.
She has since become much more lovey with me again (although Gavin has now become 100% Daddy's boy. Geez.) But, there is no doubt that Autumn LOVES. HER. DADDY. And, I love that.


  1. Very sweet. I always thought she looked like you, but after seeing the two of them together in this pic they look a lot alike.

  2. Autumn reminds me so much of the way you looked at that age and your dad was your idol, too. I am so very glad that Jeff and Autumn have that special bond. All my love to all of you, MOM